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Article: Advanced Techniques for Catching Big Tuna

Advanced Techniques for Catching Big Tuna

Advanced Techniques for Catching Big Tuna


Catching big tuna requires not only strength and patience but also a strategic approach and mastery of advanced fishing techniques. These magnificent fish are known for their speed, strength, and endurance, making them a challenging and rewarding catch for any angler. This guide delves into some of the advanced techniques that can help you increase your chances of successfully hooking and landing a large tuna.

Advanced Techniques for Catching Big Tuna

1. Trolling with Artificial Lures

Technique Overview

Trolling involves pulling lures or baited lines behind a moving boat. This method is highly effective for targeting big tuna because it covers a large area and mimics the movement of their natural prey.

Lure Selection

  • Deep Diving Plugs: These can reach the deeper waters where big tuna often feed.
  • Skirted Trolling Lures: These lures create a vibrant visual and sensory disturbance underwater, attracting tuna from a distance.

Tips for Effective Trolling

  • Vary your trolling speed to match the activity level of the tuna, usually between 5 to 8 knots.
  • Use a spread of lures at different depths and distances to cover more water and attract tuna.

2. Chumming and Live Baiting

Technique Overview

Chumming involves throwing smaller fish or fish parts into the water to attract larger fish. When combined with live baiting, this method can be incredibly effective for big tuna.

Execution Strategy

  • Chum Consistently: Keep a steady stream of chum to maintain the tuna’s interest.
  • Hook Live Bait: Use robust, lively bait like mackerel or herring. Hook them through the nose or dorsal area to keep them lively.

Tips for Chumming and Live Baiting

  • Keep the live bait close to the chum line but controlled on a strong, short leader to prevent deep hooking.

3. Using Kite Fishing to Your Advantage

Technique Overview

Kite fishing allows you to suspend live bait at the surface of the water, making it visible and vulnerable, which triggers the predatory instincts of big tuna.

Setup and Execution

  • Kite Setup: Use a fishing kite to maintain the position and altitude that keeps your bait skimming the surface.
  • Bait Management: Ensure the bait is struggling at the surface to create splashes and noise, attracting attention.

Benefits of Kite Fishing

  • Targets surface-feeding tuna, often leading to spectacular strikes.
  • Keeps the line out of the water, reducing visibility and resistance.

4. Jigging Techniques

Technique Overview

Jigging involves using a weighted lure that is dropped deep and then jerked upwards in a series of motions.

Effective Jigging

  • Rapid Jigging: Fast and aggressive jigging movements mimic the erratic action of injured fish, appealing to the tuna’s predatory instincts.
  • Deep Water Jigging: Drop the jig to the depths where big tuna feed, often several hundred feet.

Jig Selection

  • Opt for heavy, metallic jigs that can withstand deep water pressure and aggressive tuna bites.

5. Stand-up Fishing Strategy

Technique Overview

Stand-up fishing involves fighting big tuna using a rod and harness setup, allowing the angler more mobility and control.

Advanced Techniques for Catching Big Tuna

Harness Setup

  • Use a quality harness that distributes the force across your body, minimizing fatigue and maximizing control.

Fighting Techniques

  • Utilize short, powerful pumps to gain line and a high rod angle to maintain pressure on the fish.


Advanced techniques for catching big tuna, such as trolling, chumming, kite fishing, jigging, and stand-up fishing, require skill, patience, and the right gear. Each method has its unique challenges and advantages, but the key to success lies in understanding the behavior of tuna and adapting your strategies accordingly. With practice and perseverance, these advanced techniques will significantly enhance your ability to catch big tuna, making each fishing trip an exciting and potentially rewarding adventure.

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